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Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textile Testing Laboratory

Paper Plastic Rubber Textile Testing Laboratory

To fulfill the ever increasing quality control needs of growing man-made textile and chemicals industry in and around the city of Surat in South Gujarat in recent era, an idea was developed to set up full fledged independent Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textile research centre, Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textile testing laboratory and Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textile training institute for region. Considering such demand B-TEX Laboratory was started in the year 2004. Just within, 6-months of its operations, B-TEX became a No.1 private Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textile testing laboratory for commercial use.  

B-TEX has been established to carry out research and development activities as well as to provide testing and technical service facilities to the man-made fibre to fabric, garment industry, chemical industry, process house, Paper, Plastic, Rubber Industries in South Gujarat region. B-TEX also has a variety of short term textile training courses for weaving, designing, processing and laboratory technicians. B-TEX also develops and sells Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textile testing instruments. Turnkey solution to develop an in-house testing laboratory. These equipments are calibrated and certified by the measuring instruments which are traceable to National Physical Laboratory, Delhi.   


B-TEX has been awarded "Golden Jubilee award" by the hands of Honorable C.M. of Gujarat, Shri. Narendra Modiji. 

Another National Award " Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Samman Award 2008" on the 65th birth anniversary of Late Shri Rajiv gandhi.    

B-TEX Laboratory has developed an indigenous method in multi-filament yarn and fabric testing process which can support industry to make solution at the stage where problem was created. 

B-TEX Laboratory is continuously working with Government of India, Ministry of Textiles, Regional office of the Textile Commissioner and Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the form of seminars and technical awareness.     

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List of Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Fibre, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Laboratory Testing Instruments we use for Technical Test.

Yarn Testing Instruments 

Crimp Rigidity Tester  · Digital Package / Shore Hardness Tester · Yarn Appearance Board Winder · Crimp Tester 

Count / Denier Reel 

Denier Wrap Reel · Count Wrap Reel · Wrap Reel · Digital Wrap Reel · Auto Wrap Reel · Auto Wrap Reel Two Side

Twist Tester 

Automatic Twist Tester · Double Yarn Twist Tester 

Yarn Tension Meter

Digital Yarn Tension Meter · Digital Yarn Tension Meter with Max Value · Digital Yarn Tension Meter Roller Type Blue · Cable Tension Meter · Digital Yarn Tension Meter Ceramic Guided 

Fabric-Garment Instruments 

Crease Recovery Tester · GSM Cutter · Digital Pilling Tester · Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester · Shrinkage Template & Scale · Stiffness Tester · Zigzag Cutter · Water Repellency Tester · Water Impact Penetration Tester · Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge · Hydraulic GSM Cutter 

Dyeing-Matching Equipments

HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine · Open Bath / Water Bath · Color Matching Cabinet · Laboratory Drum 

Fastness Testing Equipments 

Crockmeter · Washing Fastness Tester · Light Fastness Tester · Perspirometer · Sublimation Fastness Tester 

Strength Testing Equipments

Digital Elmendorf Type Tearing Strength Tester · Tensile Testing / Lea Strength · Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine · Fibre / Yarn Strength Tester · Yarn Strength Tester · Digital Button Pull Strength and Neck Stretch Tester · Digital Bursting Strength Tester · Push Pull Strength Gauge 10 kg · Push Pull Strength Gauge 40 kg · Push Pull Strength Gauge 1000 kg 

Process Monitoring Equipments 

Yarn Package / Shore Hardness Tester · Stroboscope · Moisture Meter · Tachometer · IR Thermometer · Digital Thermo Hygro Meter · Cotton Moisture Meter · Digital Anemometer · Sound Level Meter · Lux Meter · Sequence Check Machine · Contact Thermometer · Digital Film Coating Thickness Gauge 

Weighing Equipments

GSM Weighing Scale · GSM Scale 

Pick Glass & Densimeter 

Handy Reed Pick Glass · Mini Reed Pick Glass · Pocket Magnifying Glass · Reed Pick Glass · Densimeter 


Handy Microscope · Digital Microscope / Fibre Cross Section · Microscope for Woven / Knitted Pattern · CXL RESEARCH TRINOCULAR MICROSCOPE · C SHAPE TRINOCULAR MICROSCOPE · Microscope for Woven / Knitted Pattern New · Projection Microscope · USB Digital Microscope 


Digital Hot Air Oven · Hot Air Oven · Vacuum Oven 

Effluent Pollution Testing Instruments

Bomb Calorimeter 

SDC Consumables 

SDC Grey Scale For Change in Colour · SDC Grey Scale For Staining · SDC Light Fastness Fabrics · SDC Multifibre DW Fabric · SDC Standard Reference Detergent & Auxiliaries · SDC Washing Load Ballast · SDC Martindale Consumables 

AATCC Consumables

Multifibre AATCC 2 x 2 inch · AATCC grey scale for change in color · AATCC grey scale for staining · AATCC Light Fastness Fabrics 

Consumables / Accessories 

Tube-Lamp for Color Matching

D-65 Tube for Color Matching Cabinet · UV Tube for Color Matching Cabinet · INC A for Color Matching Cabinet · Warm White for Color Matching Cabinet · TL-84 for Color Matching Cabinet · Ultra Lume for Color Matching Cabinet 

Paper Testing Instruments

Paper GSM Cutter · Print Ink Light Fastness Tester · Paper Stiffness Tester · Elmendorf - Tearing Strength Tester · Tensile Testing Machine · Universal Tensile Testing Machine · Tape Strength Tester · Paper Zigzag Cutter · Color Image Microscope · Bursting Strength Tester · Paper Moisture Meter · Tape Length Reel · Color Matching Box · Digital Paper Thickness Gauge · Scale for GSM · Paper/Tape Tension Meter · Wrap Reel For Tape Length · Digital Length Reel · Auto Wrap Reel For Length · Digital Tape Tension Meter with Max Value · Digital Tape Tension Meter Raller Type · Cable Tension Meter 

Plastic Testing Instruments

Tensile Machine · Shore Hardness Tester · Universal Tensile Machine · Wire Strength Tester · Plastic Zigzag Cutter · Digital Bursting Tester · Plastic Thread Twist Tester · Plastic Thread Rope Denier Tester · Color Cabinet · Digital Sheet Thickness Gauge · GSM Scale for Plastic · Rope length Wrap Reel · Thread length Wrap Reel · Thread length Reel · Tension Meter with Max Hold · Tension Meter Raller Type · Wire Tension Meter 

Rubber Testing Instruments

Digital Rubber Shore Hardness Tester / Durometer · Rubber Sheet GSM Cutter · Rubber Shore Hardness Tester · Tensile Testing Machine · Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine · Rubber Strength Tester · Automatic Twist Tester · Rubber Zigzag Cutter · GSM Weighing Scale · Weighing Scale · Color Matching Cabinet · Digital Rubber Thickness Gauge · Elastic Tape Wrap Reel · 12 Lea Wrap Reel · Auto Wrap Reel · Digital Tension Meter with Max Value · Digital Tension Meter Raller Type · Cable Tension Meter 

B-Tex Laboratory provides research, development, testing reports and training of Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Fibre, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Laboratory Testings as bellowed :

Yarn Laboratory Testing : 

Denier, Count, Number of Filaments, Twist Per Meter, Breaking Strength, Elongation at Break, Tenacity, Oil Content, Boiling Water Shrinkage, Identification of Fibre, Hot Crimp Contraction, Lea Strength, Package Hardness, Crimp rigidity, Yarn Dyeing Analysis, Moisture Regain, Moisture Content, Yarn Thickness, Identification of yarn component, Nips, Neps per Meter, type of yarn. Rest Finish Content. 

Fabric Laboratory Testing : 

Breaking Strength per Yarn, Elongation at Break, Fabric Breaking Strength, Fabric Elongation at Break, E.P.I. (Ends Per Inch), P.P.I. (Picks Per Inch), Material Thickness, G.S.M. Weight, Defective Fabric Analysis, Constructional Fabric Analysis, Border Test Single, Multi Yarn, Elastic Recovery, Construction of Sewing Thread, Fabric Width, Fabric Dyeing Analysis, % of loss in Boiling water, Scouring loss, Shrinkage of warp, weft (Hot, Cold). fabric thickness, Rest Finish Content. 

Garment Laboratory Testing : 

Light Fastness, Washing Fastness, Rubbing Fastness, Pilling-Abrasion Resistance, Bursting Strength, Flexing, Dimensional stability, UV exposure, Water vapour resistance, Water repellency, Air permeability, Fire Retardancy, Tearing Strength, Sublimation Fastness, Perspiration Fastness, Crease Recovery, Fabric Stiffness and Elasticity. 

Dyes, Auxiliaries and chemicals Laboratory Testing : 

Solubility, Identification of Dye, Strength of Dye, Viscosity of Printing pest and thickeners, Insoluble Matter, Silica Content etc., Alkalinity, Acidity, Total Hardness, Total Dissolved Solid, Chlorides, Sulphates and Iron content in water sample, Ash content, Purity, Active Content, Solid Content, Boiling Point, Melting Point, Specific Gravity, Density, Ionic Nature, Cloud Point etc. for different chemicals. 

Coal, Oil and Thermic Fluid Laboratory Testing : 

Moisture Content, Calorific Value, Ash Content, Flash and Fire Point, Carbon Residue. Fuels are analyzed to reduce energy cost and Pollution Control.  

Water and Effluent Water Laboratory Testing (Complete Water Analysis) : 

Temperature, PH, Color, Total Organic Carbon, Suspended Solid, Total Solid, Dissolved Solid, Oil and Grease Compound, B.O.D., C.O.D., Chlorides, Sulphites, Cyanides, Heavy Metal. 

Jari and Kasab Laboratory Testing : 

Denier, Twist Per Meter, Breaking Strength, Elongation at Break, Tenacity, Identification, Thickness, Identification of yarn component.   

Textile Research Centre, Textile Testing Laboratory : 

With our continuous research and development efforts we have developed new blend of yarns and new design for fabric. 

Textile Testing Laboratory and Engineering : 

Our engineers are constantly involved in research and development to devise new textile testing instruments and improve the existing ones.              

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