Our Textile Testing Laboratory has following Textile Testing instruments / Textile Testing Equipments for Yarn Testing, Fabric Testing and Garment Testing:


1.   Comb Sorter

2.   Fiber Wall Chart

3.   Wrap Reel (Semi Auto)

4.   Wrap Reel (Auto)

5.   Twist Tester (Semi Auto)

6.   Twist Tester (Auto Fix Length 250 mm)

7.   Twist Tester (Microcontroller Based Variable Length 5 - 500 mm)

8.   Pocket Weighing Scale (Acc.0.01 gm –Cap.100 gms)

9.   Digital Weighing Scale  (Acc.0.001 gm – Cap.50 gms)

10. Digital Weighing Scale  (Acc.0.0001 gm – Cap.210 gms)

11. Package Hardness Tester

12. Yarn Appearance Board Winder

13. Digital Yarn Tension Meter

14. Stroboscope

15. Crimp Rigidity Tester

16. A.  Universal Tensile Testing Machine

      B. Tensile Strength Tester

17. Beeseley Balance

18. Yarn, Fabric & Sheet Thickness Gauge

19. Single Yarn Crimp Tester

20. Densimeter

21. Handy Ends counting Glass (8x)

22. Handy Microscope (80x)

23. Digital Microscope

24. Sequence Check Machine

25. GSM Cutter

26. Shrinkage Template

27. Perspirometer

28. Water Repellency Tester

29. Fire Retardancy Tester

30. Air Permeability Tester

31. Flexing Tester

32. Sublimation Fastness Tester

33. Crockmeter

34. HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine

35. Color Matching Cabinet

36. Washing Fastness Tester

37. Light Fastness Tester

38. Open Bath / Water Bath

39. Fabric Extensioner

40. Elmendorf Type Tearing Strength Tester

41. Martindale Type Abrasion cum Pilling Tester

42. Zig Zag Cutter.

43. Stiffness Tester

44. Digital Bursting Strength Tester

45. Crease Recovery Tester

46.  Digital Pilling Tester

47. Water Impact Penetration Tester

48. Moisture Meter

49. Grey scale for accessing staining

                  50. Grey Scale for assessing Change in Color


Textile Testing Laboratory has following instruments for Chemical Testing:


1.     Water Distillation Plant

2.     Viscometer

a.     Cup Viscometer

b.     Ostwald Viscometer

3.     Melting and Boiling point apparatus

4.     Muffle Furnace

5.     PH Meter

6.     Hot Air Oven

7.     Conductivity Meter

8.     Bomb calorimeter

9.     Cloud and Pour Point

10.  Magnetic Stirrer

11.  Open Bath

12.  Soxhelete Extractor

13.  Flash and Fire Point

14.  Electronic weighing Balance

15.  Spectrophotometer

16.  Refractometer

17.  Oven

18.  Lab Incubator   

We use all Testing Standards and Standard Accessories for Testing, like AATCC, ASTM, BSEN, ISO, BLUE WOOL, M & S, BIS.


Textile Testing Services


B-Tex Laboratory provides following Textile Testing Services:

Yarns : Denier/Count, Number of Filaments, Twist Per Meter, Breaking Strength, Elongation at Break, Tenacity, Oil Content, Boiling Water Shrinkage, Identification of Fibre, Hot Crimp Contraction, Lea Strength, Package Hardness, Crimp rigidity, Yarn Dyeing Analysis, Moisture Regain, Moisture Content, Yarn Thickness, Identification of yarn component, Nips/Neps per Meter, type of yarn. Rest Finish Content.

Fabrics : Breaking Strength per Yarn, Elongation at Break, Fabric Breaking Strength, Fabric Elongation at Break, E.P.I. (Ends Per Inch), P.P.I. (Picks Per Inch), Material Thickness, G.S.M. Weight, Defective Fabric Analysis, Constructional Fabric Analysis, Border Test Single/Multi Yarn, Elastic Recovery, Construction of Sewing Thread, Fabric Width, Fabric Dyeing Analysis, % of loss in Boiling water /Scouring loss, Shrinkage of warp/weft (Hot/Cold). fabric thickness, Rest Finish Content.

Garments : Light Fastness, Washing Fastness, Rubbing Fastness, Pilling-Abrasion Resistance, Bursting Strength, Flexing, Dimensional stability, UV exposure, Water vapour resistance, Water repellency, Air permeability, Fire Retardancy, Tearing Strength, Sublimation Fastness, Perspiration Fastness, Crease Recovery, Fabric Stiffness and Elasticity.

Dyes, Auxiliaries and chemicals : Solubility, Identification of Dye, Strength of Dye, Viscosity of Printing pest and thickeners, Insoluble Matter, Silica Content etc., Alkalinity, Acidity, Total Hardness, Total Dissolved Solid, Chlorides, Sulphates and Iron content in water sample, Ash content, Purity, Active Content, Solid Content, Boiling Point, Melting Point, Specific Gravity, Density, Ionic Nature, Cloud Point etc. for different chemicals.

Coal, Oil and Thermic Fluid: Moisture Content, Calorific Value, Ash Content, Flash and Fire Point, Carbon Residue. Fuels are analyzed to reduce energy cost and Pollution Control.

Water and Effluent Water (Complete Water Analysis) : Temperature, PH, Color, Total Organic Carbon, Suspended Solid, Total Solid, Dissolved Solid, Oil and Grease Compound, B.O.D., C.O.D., Chlorides, Sulphites, Cyanides, Heavy Metal.

Jari and Kasab : Denier, Twist Per Meter, Breaking Strength, Elongation at Break, Tenacity, Identification, Thickness, Identification of yarn component.


Textile Research Centre 

Laboratory : With our continuous research and development efforts we have developed new blend of yarns and new design for fabric.

Engineering : Our engineers are constantly involved in research and development to devise new textile testing instruments and improve the existing ones.