Textile Testing Equipments / Instruments: Following is the list of textile testing equipments & instruments offered by B-TEX. Download individual specifications of instruments by clicking images. Shown all are Ex-Factory price. Packing and Transportation (only in India) is included. Insurance and Taxes are not included. E-Mail to get T.T. / Payment detail's. Or go to our online shop www.TextileTestingEquipment.com

1.   Fibre Wall Chart: Shows the characteristic properties of all types of fibres. 14,000 INR

2.  Comb Sorter(Cotton / Wool): To determine length of fibre. 20,000 INR

3.   Digital Yarn Tension Meter To Check the online tension during passage of yarn. Range 0 gm - 300gm, 0.1 gm Deviation. 3 Button cells. Neck hanging facility. (Ready to deliver). 16,000 INR

4.   Wrap Reel (Semi Auto) To prepare lea for checking the denier of yarn, etc. (Ready to deliver). 24,000 INR

Free pocket weighing scale (Accuracy 0.01gm X 100gm Capacity).

Wrap Reel (Auto) 16,000 INR

5.   Twist Tester (Semi Auto): To check the twist of yarn. Test length 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm. (Ready to deliver). 6,000 INR


6.   Twist Tester (Auto Fix Length 250 mm): To check the twist of yarn. Test length 250 mm. (Ready to deliver). 20,000 INR

7.   Twist Tester (Microcontroller Based Variable Length 5 - 500 mm): To check the twist of yarn. Test length 0 mm - 500 mm. 28,000 INR

8.   Pocket Weighing Scale (Acc.0.01 gm –Cap.100 gms) (Acc.0.01 gm –Capacity 100 gms). (Ready to deliver). 2,000 INR

9.   Digital Weighing Scale  (Acc.0.001 gm – Cap.50 gms)  (Acc.0.001 gm – Capacity 50 gms). (Ready to deliver). 5,000 INR


10.   Stroboscope : 50-12,500 Flashes per minute. AC 220 V Supply.  10,000 INR

      11.   Package Hardness Tester: To check the hardness of yarn packages such as cone, beam, etc. (Ready to deliver). A. Mechanical. 6,000 INR   


12.   Yarn Appearance Board Winder: To Check the evenness & appearance of yarn. (Ready to deliver). 15,000 INR       


13.  Crimp Rigidity Tester: To check the Crimp Rigidity of yarn. (Ready to deliver). 18,000 INR

14.  Universal Tensile Testing Machine: To determine the tensile strength and elongation of Yarn, Lea & Fabric with graphical representation.3,00,000 INR

A. Yarn Strength Tester: 10 Kg Load Cell, With Yarn Grips, Peak Force, Tenacity & Elongation Semi Automatic40,000 INR

B. Tensile Testing Machine 0.0 Kg - 100Kg Load Cells, Variable Speed, With Two Mechanical Grips1,00,000 INR

C. Tensile Testing Machine 0.0 Kg - 1000Kg Load Cells, Variable Speed, With Two Mechanical Grips2,00,000 INR  


15.  Yarn, Fabric & Sheet Thickness Gauge: For determining the thickness of yarns, fabrics, paper, etc accurately. (Ready to deliver). 7,000 INR

0.01 x 10.00 mm

16.  Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge: For determining the thickness of yarns, fabrics, paper, etc accurately. (Ready to deliver). 11,000 INR  0.001 x 10.00 mm

17.  Single Yarn Crimp Tester: To determine the crimp of single yarn. (Ready to deliver). 12,000 INR


18.  Densimeter: To determine the Ends per inch (EPI) and picks per inch (PPI). (Ready to deliver). 200 INR


19.  Handy Ends counting Glass (8x): To determine ends and picks in 1 cm with yellow lights. (Ready to deliver). 1000 INR


20.  Handy Microscope (80x) : Closer view of yarn or fabric with white led light and 4 mm measurement. (Ready to deliver). 2,000 INR

21. Digital Microscope: 5x,10x,20x,40x & 100x lenses monocular projection microscope with fibre cross section kit, high resolution CCD camera and imaging software with measurement facilities. Scope of use cross section of fibre or yarn, analysis of any fibre, yarn and fabric. 60,000 INR , 25,000 INR extra if you update to 8 mega pixels camera


22.  Sequence Check Machine (with battery backup): To check the evenness of warp sequence in the fabric & also on loom. (Ready to deliver). 10,000 INR


23.   GSM Cutter: To prepare the sample for calculating the GSM of fabric. (Ready to deliver). 6,000 INR


24.  Shrinkage Template: For finding accurate Shrinkage in fabric and Garments. 10,000 INR


25.  Perspirometer: To Find out the color fastness against perspiration. (Ready to deliver). 12,000 INR

26.  A. Water Repellency Tester: To check the water repellency of the fabric by spray test. (Ready to deliver). 15,000 INR

       B.  Water Impact Penetration Tester: To check the water penetration of the fabric by rain penetration test. (Ready to deliver). 18,000 INR

27.  Sublimation Fastness Tester: To test the fabric for fastness against sublimation. (Ready to deliver). 50,000 INR


28.  Crockmeter: To determine the color fastness of textiles to dry/wet rubbing. (Ready to deliver). 14,000 INR


29.  Dyeing Machine:

    A. HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine: High temperature glycerin bath beaker dyeing machine. (Ready to deliver). 1,00,000 INR 250ml X 12 beakers / 500ml X 6 beakers.


    B. Laboratory Drum: Laboratory Drum is a high temperature high pressure laboratory drumming machine. (Ready to deliver). 1,25,000 INR 8000ml X 1 Drum.

30.  Color Matching Cabinet: Color matching booth for visual assessment of color under 6 standard lights, 45 degree angle and doors. (Ready to deliver). 20,000 INR

31.  Washing Fastness Tester: Max 980C temperature water bath beaker dyeing machine, to wash the fabric sample for various tests. 1,00,000 INR

32.  Fabric Inspection Machine: For inspection of fabrics for its various defects. Fabric width 60" - 2,00,000 INR, Fabric width 72"2,60,000 INR, Fabric width 84" - 3,40,000 INR

 33.  Light Fastness Tester: To determine the color fastness of textiles against sunlight. 1,00,000 INR

34.  Open Bath / Water Bath: For heating, open bath dyeing and other functions in the textile laboratory. 18,000 INR

35.  Fabric Extensioner: To determine the stretch & recovery of fabrics: knitted, woven & lycra. (Ready to deliver). 48,000 INR

36.  Elmendorf Type Tearing Strength Tester: To determine the tearing strength of fabric. (Ready to deliver). 50,000 INR

37.  Martindale Type Abrasion cum Pilling Tester: To check the abrasion as well as pilling resistance of the fabric. 1,20,000 INR

38.  Digital Pilling Tester: To check the as pilling resistance of the fabric. (Ready to deliver). 60,000 INR

39.  Zig Zag Cutter: For sample making. (Ready to deliver). 25,000 INR


40.  Stiffness Tester: To determine the bending height, flexural rigidity and bending module of fabrics. (Ready to deliver). 10,000 INR

41.  Digital Bursting Strength Tester: To check the bursting strength of fabrics, papers, etc. Capacity 4000 kpa, 568 psi/ 7000 kpa, 1000 psi  52,000 INR Capacity 14712 kpa, 2130 psi 1,00,000 INR. Digital readout of pressure with peak hold facility. (Ready to deliver).


      42.  Crease Recovery Tester: To determine the crease recovery angle. (Ready to deliver). 10,000 INR

43.   Oven: Used for heating and undertaking other oven dry tests in the laboratory. Inside 450 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm SS cabinet with partition and digital temperature controller.

Big 100% SS Body (Inside 450 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm) . 40,000 INR

Big MS Body (Inside 450 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm). 28,000 INR,

Small MS Body (Inside 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm). 16,000 INR

      44.  Moisture Meter: Moisture content 0-50%, Temperature  – 10-60° C. 6,000 INR


       45.   Tachometer: Rotative velocity laser 2.5-99999 r/min, Contact 0.5-1999r/min. 4,500 INR

NOTE: We use all Testing Standards and Standard Accessories for manufacturing textile testing equipments & instruments, like AATCC, ASTM, BSEN, ISO, BLUE WOOL, M & S, BIS. These equipments are calibrated and certified by the measuring instruments, which are traceable to National Physical Laboratory, Delhi. * B-TEX is not responsible for damage, stolen or any natural calamities during transportation. Some of the products shown above are not manufactured by B-TEX but B-TEX has dealership for the same. Instruments shown in picture are for your reference. B-TEX has the right to alter the specification without any prior notice.

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